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What fiduciary services do you need?



We offer accounting under the International Financial Reporting Standards (IFR) and Swiss GAAP FER, introduction of standard reports and/or according to the Swiss tax system, establishment of bills, sending reminders and countdown VAT.


Taxes declaration

Fast and at fair prices. For private persons or companies , we will establish quickly and with competencies your taxes declaration.


Human ressources

We will update your personnel files, perform entries/ exit and internal job changes, payment of employees‘ salaries from labor contracts and payroll taxes.



Control as your administrator aiming to anticipate problems in your business and offer solutions.

Convince yourself of our expertise because:
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Why accounting?

Accounting is for you a headache ? For us it’s a passion, we are the right partner to help you ! We edit your accounts on time, skillfully and carefully.

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Why taxes declaration

Oh no, I ‚m late to feel up my taxes declaration ! No problem, we fill up it to your satisfaction !

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Why human ressources?

Personal data are used for connections inside and outside the company for all employees. As well as by the tax authorities and insurance

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Why controlling?

The control will provide advanced guidance system to bring your company to success!

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Eugenia Kuonen

Accounting in finance and accounting with federal certificate

Mrs. Kuonen has many years of management experience in the areas of management control/accounting in all companies national and international in the financial sector and audits. Mrs. Kuonen implemented in a financial firm’s accounting department where she worked as CFO. Mrs. Kuonen speaks fluent German , English and Spanish (mother tongue)



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