Prices for tax declaration

We offer you…


•fast processing of your tax documents by qualified employees.

•the maximum deductions on your taxes declaration.

•establishing your taxes declaration complete and you just need to signe to finalize it.

•calculating the amount of the prescribed fee.

•a copy of the taxes declaration for your records.

•request for exten.

It is as simple as:


•Our checklist tells you which documents we need from you.

•Just send them to us and we’ll do the rest.

•If any documents or information are missing, we will contact you.

•Obviously, we demand the tax authorities to extend the time if your taxes declaration is not completed by the end of March .

•When everything is ready, we will send you the taxes declaration – you just have to sign it and send it to the tax office.

•And that you keep an overview, we add a copy of your taxes declaration for your records.




Tax checklist

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Taxes prices

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Online service

Let’s feel up your taxes return ! Print the PDF file, sign and send it with the original documents. Completed! More comfortable and faster is not possible!








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